We would like to express our deep gratitude to the community members of Xido Finance, and we are conducting community airdrop #2.

📣Xido Finance airdrop (#2)📣

💰 FREE : $??? 🤩
🌐 LINK : https://xido.finance/

📖 Step-by-step guide :
⚡️Step 1: Follow Xido Finance Twitter and retweet pinned post.
⚡️Step 2: Join the Xido Finance Telegram group
⚡️Step 3: write a promotional post about Xido Finance freely on Bitcoin Talk, Reddit, or Twitter
⚡️Step 4: Create a link to your promotional post
⚡️Step 5: Submit your erc20 wallet address and details.
⚡️Step 5: Please fill out the google form

🌐 Twitter :

🌐 Telegram :

🌐 Google form : https://forms.gle/k85skmpQ55SKMr9t7

‼️ Airdrop rewards will be sent to your personal wallet address written on the Google Form.




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