XIDO FINANCE Community Posting Event
- The project team is holding the first event for the Korean community.

August 26, 2021 0 am ~ August 31, 8:00 pm (Korea time)

🎁 Event Prizes:

1st 3 XIDO (150$)
2nd place 2 XIDO (100$)
3rd~5th place 1 XIDO (50$)
6th to 10th…



Ends the lafa meme event.

A total of 118 memes were created and submitted.

5 lafa each will be airdropped to all meme works.

In addition, by voting for 4 works, the final 1st place will be given 300 lafa.
2nd place (3 people) will each pay 100 lafa.
Tuition takes place on Telegram for 3 days.

1st place (1 person): 300 LAFA
2nd place (3 people): 100 LAFA
5th place: 50 LAFA
Participation Award: 5 LAFA



We’re thrilled to announce that LAFA is now available on Uniswap! Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that runs a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing traders to trade ETH and ERC20 tokens directly from their Ethereum wallets.

Listing Date
2:00 PM UTC, July 12, 2021


Token contract:


About Uniswap:

Uniswap was designed to allow traders to trade tokens without platform fees and match buyers and sellers, to determine the price of tokens and execute trades. The price of tokens on Uniswap only changes when actual trades are taking place.

To accomplish this, Uniswap relies on liquidity providers,who in turn supply tokens on the exchange. Anyone can become a liquidity provider and get rewarded for it, by depositing tokens.

Learn more about Uniswap using their links below:

Website Uniswap: https://uniswap.org/
Coinmarketcap Uniswap: https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/uniswap/
Twitter Uniswap: https://twitter.com/UniswapProtocol




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